Blue: precious color of the water and the sky, blue is a shade of the depths: those of the soul and the knowledge, the experiences of life and wisdom.

It evokes the intangible as Yves Klein tells us.

Aurélie Melka’s work evolves around the magic palette of Blue: indigo blue, evanescent, ultramarine blue, Blue Lagoon very fluid, very mysterious, cobalt blue, China Blue, black Blue, Midnight blue. The Alchemy of Blue. The painting becomes irrigated by the Blue.

This progression in the palette allows her to advance to the deepest of these blue as an awake sleep apnea.

It thus let us penetrate her most intimate universe. Working with time, gently, she favors the oil painting then narrates these ‘blue’ knife, handmade, with cloth…

Obsessive or liberator, her work is a proposal for reflection. Her work says a lot about the incompleteness of her desire to break free, soar, to cling,…her desire for peaceful, neutral space. There is also impatience, curiosity.

Her painting approaches sculpture as the layering of material is so important, thick layers of worked knife oil painting gives the paiting a real depth: an invitation to our inner soul. Large formats give the minimum space to create with this infinite material that is blue.

Already present in several private collections.

aurelia melka
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