Born in 1979, Aurelie Melka lives and works between Paris and Ibiza. She has studied and graduated from the Ecole des Arts Decoratifs one of the leading art school in Paris. As a visual artist, Yacoel explores the intimate aspects of his emotional internal forces by creating work that is both a reflection on, and a statement about herself and the world she inhabits.

Aurelie Melka’s large, calm paintings have something extraordinarily meditative that seems magical and mysterious. This deepness has got something magnetic.

They are a presence, just pure abstraction. It’s color first, the exuberance, the luminosity and the radiance of color that is so striking.Aurelie Melka’s technique is expressive and atmospheric, revealing on close inspection a rich tonal range and subtle color variation.

Aurelie Melka’s recent work is in oil only on large canvases with horizontal formats. Very large-scale designs are used in order to overwhelm the viewer and make his feel “enveloped within” the painting.

aurelia melka
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